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What are the differences between microporous atomizer and ceramic atomizer? The structure of the piezoelectric microporous atomizer is different from that of the ceramic atomizer. Although it is called atomizing film, microporous atomizer is perforated from steel sheet. The outer layer of the steel sheet is a ceramic vibrating chip, which is made up of high-end technology. It is commonly used in mini humidifier, beauty apparatus and medical sprayer.
The ceramic atomizer is to put the atomizer at a place three millimeters away from the water surface, and use high-frequency vibration to instantly decompose the water into small water droplets, which are sprayed out by the nozzle. The water is transformed into small water droplets by using the ultrasonic principle, resulting in fog spray. Its material is made of glass glaze, bright and beautiful, with strong alkali and acid resistance.
Microporous atomizing film is made up of tiny holes in the middle, which suck water through the sponge rod to spray up. The atomized sheet is working in principle. The fact is that this idea is wrong. Although it is called atomizing film, its usage and effect are quite different. It is a commonly used atomizer for large humidifiers.