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How to learn some little knowledge about the daily use of speakers? We always hope that the speaker unit can truthfully show every detail of the music signal, so an excellent speaker unit should have wide frequency response characteristics, fast transient response and as little distortion as possible. The loudspeaker unit is actually an energy conversion element, which is converted twice by electricity, force and sound. In the whole conversion process, about 94% of the paid energy is converted into heat. Therefore, the loudspeaker has low efficiency and large distortion.
In practice, the most widely used speaker is the electric speaker. The utility model is mainly composed of a basin frame, a magnet, a voice coil, a vibrating cone basin, etc. When the audio current passes through the voice coil, the voice coil vibrates under the action of the magnetic field. The cone basin fixed with the voice coil drives the surrounding air movement during vibration, so as to change the air density around the speaker. Therefore, sound is generated. The speaker unit can usually be divided into full band, low band, medium band and high band speakers.
Low frequency loudspeaker: it usually bears nearly 90% of the power of the whole system. The current flowing through the voice coil is large, and the vibration amplitude of the cone basin is large. The cone basin material of low-frequency loudspeaker is usually made of paper basin, as well as graphite reinforced polypropylene basin, carbon fiber woven basin, glass fiber woven basin, bulletproof cloth basin and wool basin.
Mid range speaker: it is the key unit of the whole speaker. Generally, there are two types of mid-range speakers: paper cone type and ball top type. The ball top type can be divided into soft top and hard top. The soft top is generally made of cloth base material with special impregnation treatment of phenolic resin by hot pressing. Its timbre is more delicate. The hard ball top is usually made of titanium film or aluminum film, and its timbre is crisp.
High frequency loudspeaker: it has high frequency characteristics. Its vibration system has small mass and good rigidity. Many manufacturers fill the magnetic gap of the high-frequency loudspeaker with magnetic fluid in order to improve the heat dissipation conditions of the voice coil, improve the power bearing capacity of the loudspeaker and reduce the distortion. High frequency speakers generally have paper cone type, ball top type, horn type and so on. The ball top type has wide directivity and small distortion. It sounds natural, but its anti overload ability is poor; The horn type has high efficiency, clear and loud treble, but poor directivity.