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Take omni directional MIC, diaphragm ring connection as an example
1. Dustproof network:
Protect the head from dust falling on the diaphragm, to prevent external objects from piercing the diaphragm, and short-term waterproof effect.
2, shell:
The supporting part of the whole microphone head, other parts encapsulated in the outer shell, is the contact place of the microphone, and can also play the role of electromagnetic shielding.
3. Vibration film: It is a main part of the acoustic-electrical conversion, a tight Teflon plastic film is attached to a thin metal ring, the film and the metal ring contact surface plated with a very thin metal layer, the film can be charged, but also constitute a variable capacitance of an electrode plate, and can vibrate the electrode plate.
4, gasket:
The distance between the two plates of the supporting capacitor, leaving a gap, provides a space for the vibration of the diaphragm, thereby changing the capacitance.
5, back plate:
Another electrode of the capacitor is connected to the G (gate) pole of the FET (field effect transistor).
6, copper ring:
The G (gate) pole is connected to the plate and the FET (field effect transistor) and plays a supporting role.
7, cavity:
Fixed plate and ring to prevent plate and ring from S (source) and G (gate) short circuit to the outer shell of FET (FET).
8, PCB component:
Equipped with FET, capacitor and other devices, it also plays a role in fixing other parts.
9. PIN: Some microphones have PIN (pin) on the PCB. They can be welded together with other PCBs through PIN to connect the other front poles, and the back poles are slightly different in structure.
Microhead classification
1. From the working principle, it can be divided into: carbon fine particle type, electromagnetic type, capacitive type, electret capacitive type (mainly electret type), piezoelectric crystal type, piezoelectric ceramic type, silicon dioxide type, etc.
. 2, from the size of the electret style can be divided into a number of.
The 9.7 series of products, "8 series", 6 series of products,
The 4.5 series of products, "4 series", 3 series of products,
There are different heights of in each series.
3. From the directivity of MI tou, it can be divided into omnidirectional, unidirectional, bidirectional (also called noise elimination)
4, from polarization mode, diaphragm, back pole, front pole
In terms of structure, it can be divided into grid pole type welding, grid pressure bonding, polar ring connection, etc.
5, from external connections to
Common solder joint type: L type
With PIN foot type: P
Concentric circles: type S