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1. The long time overload drives the horn, and the horn will burn out because of overheating. As the temperature of the coil rises, some parts of the structure will melt, break or burn.
2. Mechanical failure: the overload drive horn makes the paper disc move beyond the range and separate from the coil, or the coil and coil seat are separated, the folding edge of the paper disc or the horn support ring is torn. Any of the above situations can cause the horn to fail. When the hem or support ring is torn, the coil will rub against them, because the paper disc components cannot be properly suspended in the center. Small breaks may not feel at first, but over time, as the cracks become larger, the horn will follow.
3, horn fault can also be a combination of the above two ways, such as amplifier output suddenly a large instantaneous energy, this energy can be a voice suddenly up, speakers will have a strong vibration, the coil from the magnetic gap, when it back may be eccentric error will not be able to return to in situ, this will make the whole mechanical action by paper plates with forward, stay deviating from the original position, the paper plates have already can't make a sound, but also continue to transmit energy loudspeaker coil, coil double left the magnetic gap, because the magnetic gap is coil heat environment, but has left magnetic coil clearance, As the coil continues to receive signals from the amplifier, it will quickly heat up and burn down the coil. But that's less common now, because today's speakers are designed for long strokes. how to detect the quality of the buzzer?