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What are the horn maintenance methods? The following sound electronic speaker manufacturers will share for you.
The sound of the car horn meets the critical moment, and the use of the speaker is very important. However, who is often overlooked by the owner, how to repair and maintain the car horn? Xiaobian understands some small knowledge of car horns, and the sound-changing electronic Dongguan speaker manufacturers share with you.  
First, we need to understand the different forms of car horns: 
By shape: spiral, tubular, bowl; 
Wiring: single system speaker, two-line corner; 
Passing sound: tweeter, woofer; 
Voice God: electric horn, air horn; 
According to whether it is in contact: there is a common type electric horn contact type, non-contact type electronic electric horn.  
It is mainly used in air brake systems for heavy truck air horns. The electric horn has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, light weight, sweet sound and easy maintenance. It has been widely used in small and medium-sized vehicles.  
How to keep the car horn? Sonic Electronics manufacturers say  
(1) Keep the speakers looking clean and all wiring is reliable.  
(2) It is not possible to put various foreign objects into the speaker to avoid abnormal sound.  
(3) Do not exceed the speaker's pronunciation for 10 seconds to avoid damage to the speaker.  
(4) Regularly check and tighten the fixing screws of the horn and bracket to ensure reliable grounding.  
(5) In the maintenance of the speaker, pay attention to the metal pads and insulating gaskets, not the wrong position.  
(6) Cleaning, flushing water can not directly megaphone, so as not to leave water to enter the horn and not sound the horn.  
(7) Always check the output voltage of the generator. Excessive voltage will burn out the speaker contacts, and the low voltage speaker will make an abnormal sound.  
Regarding its pronunciation fixing method (8) the speaker has a greater impact. In order to make the sound of the speaker normal, the speaker is not firmly mounted, it stands fixed in the buffer, that is, between the speaker and the mounting bracket is equipped with a leaf spring or rubber pad.
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