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There are actually three commercial forms of piezoelectric buzzer, namely piezoelectric buzzer complex, piezoelectric buzzer sounder and piezoelectric buzzer, to meet the different needs of the market. No matter what form, its use is inseparable from alarm, judgment and notification.
The piezoelectric buzzer for alarm is used for fire, smoke concentration, air leakage, anti-theft and automobile alarm. The piezoelectric buzzer for notification is used as notification in fish detection machines, instruments, medical equipment, vending machines, washing machines, electric furnaces, etc., which is more favorable than light indication. In addition, the piezoelectric buzzer with analog sound and compound sound can also be used in toys, video games, etc.
1. Because there is no movable contact part, it has long service life and high reliability. It can be used continuously for more than 10000 hours. It is a semi permanent device;
2. No arcing or RF noise and no interference to other lines;
3. It will not cause large vibration due to looseness;
4. Controlled by electronic circuit, it can produce a variety of pleasant sounds, analog sounds and intermittent sounds. Pure timbre, not easily covered by noise;
5. It is excited by voltage, so the consumption current is small, generally below 20mA, not more than 100mA;
6. Small and loud. The volume can reach 70 dB / 20cm, and the element thickness is only less than 1mm;
7. Wide working temperature range;
8. It is easy to install and has no electromagnetic coil and moving coil. There is no need to worry about insulation deterioration and there is no possibility of leakage.