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What is the importance of the impedance characteristics of Dongguan speaker system? Speakers are also called "speakers". It is a very common electroacoustic energy conversion device, which can be seen in the electronic and electrical equipment making sound. Loudspeaker is a kind of energy conversion device that converts electrical signal into acoustic signal. The performance of loudspeaker has a great impact on sound quality.
In fact, the impedance characteristics of speaker system are really important. Many hearing defects can be reflected from the impedance curve.
The main technical parameters of the loudspeaker system are generally marked with impedance, usually 4 Ω or 8 Ω. This value refers to the rated impedance, which is a pure resistance value. The national standard gb7313-87 stipulates that the preferred series of impedance values are 4, 8 and 16 Ω.
The impedance of speaker system is a complex problem. I'm afraid there are not tens of thousands of words to speak through. It's too professional and difficult to understand. It's not necessary for non professionals to understand too much. This paper only makes a brief introduction, focusing on the relationship between impedance characteristics and sound performance.