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Years of focus
Buzzer / atomizer products


International environment
The current world economic situation is still grim, and the factors of instability are increasing. China's export products are facing increasingly stringent trade protection policies. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce, China's exports suffered 69 trade relief investigations in 2011, involving a total of 5.9 billion US dollars, of which the United States and China have frequent trade frictions.
Despite the complex and severe situation of foreign trade, the competitive advantage of China's manufacturing industry will not change significantly in the short term, and a series of policies and measures for stable economic growth and foreign trade will gradually emerge. Trade is expected to achieve a 10% target.
Downstream related industries
Speakers are closely related to the development of home appliances, computers, mobile phones, automobiles and other industries. According to the Chinese Acoustic Association, 450 million speakers will be needed for TV sets by 2015, and the popularity of high-definition digital flat-panel television will bring new opportunities for the development of loudspeakers; 200 million loudspeakers will be needed for home cinemas and combined audio; 150 million loudspeakers will be needed for car audio; 366.6 million loudspeakers will be needed for microcomputer multimedia systems. 500 million. Promoted by the national policy, the market will be released, the household appliances, computers, mobile phones, automobiles and other industries will maintain a high-speed development trend, speaker industry development prospects are good.
Technical factors
With the increasing popularity of 3G worldwide and the emergence of new products such as Internet TV, smart phones, tablets and netbooks, the demand for micro speakers/receivers will continue to grow.
Consumer electronics products are developing towards multi-functional, personalized and portable direction, and micro electro-acoustic components are developing towards miniaturization, digitization, integration and modularization. Like consumer electronics, the life cycle of micro-electro-acoustic components is shorter and shorter, and the renewal speed is faster and faster. The market demand of micro-microphones and micro-speakers/receivers is increasing.