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According to the use of the site and sound requirements, combine the characteristics of the speaker to select speakers. Outdoor is given priority to with voice broadcast, for example, can choose the trumpet loudspeaker type, such as high quality required, it should choose electricity-powered loudspeaker box or column: general indoor radio, optional single electric paper cone speaker small speakers, and give priority to in order to appreciate music or used for high quality will Yang amplification, is should be chosen by a high, combination of bass speaker, speaker box, etc.
The following points should be noted when using the loudspeaker:
(1) the power obtained by the speaker should not exceed its rated power; otherwise, the sound coil will be burnt or the sound coil will be vibrated. Electromagnetic and piezoelectric ceramic type loudspeaker working voltage should not exceed 30V.
(2) note that the impedance of loudspeaker should cooperate with the output circuit, and you can refer to the section of amplifier in detail.
(3) choose the correct model of loudspeaker. If it is used in the square, it should use a treble loudspeaker. In the indoor use, should choose the paper basin type loudspeaker, and select sound box. The high and low woofers can also be made into speaker sets to extend the frequency response range.
(4) when decorate a speaker to do ShengYang well and sound level, such as single speaker cannot achieve need (or points), can be set up more, to make every audience get the same voice loudness, have a good position sense, speaker when installation should be more than 3 meters above the ground, let the audience can "see" to the speaker, and try to make the horizontal azimuth of acoustic (sound), a visual (speaker) want to consistent as far as possible, and the distance between the two speakers are not too big.
(5) electric horn type loudspeaker can only be used after putting the sound head on the horn, otherwise it will easily damage the sound head.
(6) pay attention to the phase problem when two or more loudspeakers are used together. If it is reversed, the sound will weaken significantly. The method of measuring the loudspeaker phase USES the 50-250 current A current switch of the highly sensitive meter or multimeter to connect the test meter with the speaker connector. Hold the paper bowl with both hands and give A strong push. At this time, the phase of the meter can be measured from the direction of the needle swing. If the phase is the same, the gauge needle swings in one direction. At this point can be connected with the pen with the voice coil leading head as the "ten" level.