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The ultrasonic atomizer utilizes electronic high-frequency oscillation (the oscillation frequency is 1.7mhz or 2.4mhz, which is beyond the range of human hearing, and the electronic oscillation does no harm to human body or animals) to disperse the liquid water molecular structure through the high-frequency resonance of ceramic atomizing tablets to generate naturally flowing water fog without heating or adding chemical reagents. Compared to heating atomization, the energy saving is 90%. In addition, a large number of negative ions will be released during the atomization process, which will react with aerosol and dust floating in the air to produce electrostatic reactions, making it precipitate. Meanwhile, it can also remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, so that the air can be purified and diseases can be reduced.
Use instructions In the correct use case, the service life of the atomizer is about 3000 hours, and easy to replace. Its service life is also related to the quality of water. If there is scale on the atomized sheet, please clean it with soft cloth. According to different water quality and purpose of use, different atomized tablets can be selected. For example, the atomized tablets with stainless steel cover can be selected in the area where the water quality is relatively hard, and the atomized tablets with glass glaze should be selected in the acid-resistant environment. The atomizer has the function of automatic protection of breaking water. When the water level is lower than the water level switch, the atomizer will stop working automatically. When the atomizer is working, do not put your hand above the atomizer. Due to the high frequency shock, your hand will feel tingling, but this is not an electrical shock or leakage.
Generally, domestic humidifier is made up of positive feedback resonant circuit through atomizing chip and BU406, capacitance and resistance. The output resonant power of 28v-50v dc voltage can be adjusted to control the size of atomization.