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Installation tips
No. 2 loudspeaker is still in use in some markets in rural areas and towns. However, once the sound film of no. 2 loudspeaker is lost, the correct installation of sound film should be ensured. Installation can be done in two steps. Speaker
The first step is to select paper of appropriate thickness and cut two pieces of paper with a width of ~10mm and a length of 20mm larger than the diameter of the center piece. Then place the two pieces of paper vertically on top of each other (in the middle). To prevent them from moving, stick them with a bit of paste. Insert both ends of the slip into the magnetic gap. Align the voice coil on the sound film to the magnetic gap and gently press it down. Because of the strip, the voice coil is located right in the middle of the magnetic gap, without deflection. Apply the coating on the edge of the sound film, and cover the top of the sound head. Tighten the screw on the right screw hole. Mark the position of the upper cover relative to the sound head. Leave it for 8 hours until the glue dries, then unscrew and remove the upper cover. At this point, the membrane has stuck to the top cover. Speaker
Step 2: weld the leads to the terminal. Take off two pieces of paper, then put the top back on and focus on the original mark. At this time, the multi-meter R x block or 1.5v dry battery can be used. When repeatedly touching the two terminal posts and making a "click" sound, tap the cover and the "click" sound becomes big. When there is no friction sound, the fixed screw can be gradually tightened. Screw rotation should be symmetrical, instead of one screw very tight, then screw the second screw. The speaker